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Terre Nere

2021 Terre Nere Etna Rosso Santo Spirito

2021 Terre Nere Etna Rosso Santo Spirito

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Tenuta delle Terre Nere own two vineyards in the Contrada of Santo Spirito, which sits adjacent to Guardiola’s northern limit but is lower in altitude at 750 metres, sitting above Feudo di Mezzo. It is one of the larger Contrade in the region of Castiglione di Sicilia. TdTN own 5.5 hectares there, and Marco sees these vineyards as being the most scenic. Relatively speaking, the soils are rich in nutrients and the vineyard is large and serene with vegetation-filled terraces. Vines here can be vigorous, showing their nourished abundance. They are trained albarello (bush vines) and are 60 years old on average. The soil here is unusually deep and composed almost entirely of ash, which is very light and sandy, with exceptional drainage. That depth helped Santo Spirito cope in this drought year. The wine is dominated by small-berried red fruits, pomegranate and some fleshier fruits, like plum, accented with hints of citrus, like blood orange, Mediterranean herbs, graphite and spice. It is fleshy and has a rich palate, but it’s also fresh with lovely acid crunch. The tannins are soft and sharp but not aggressive.

Sicily, Italy 

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