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Jean Paul Deville

NV Champagne Jean Paul Deville Carte Noire

NV Champagne Jean Paul Deville Carte Noire

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The wines of Champagne like the wines of Burgundy, have been rising in price year after year, our focus and the consumers focus has been on value for money. This natural shift has exposed some fantastic small Champagne houses and growers; filling a gap where big houses such as Pol Roger and Louis Roederer used to dominate. Champagne Jean Paul Deville is one such example, established in 1969, this family-owned and operated estate in Champagne boasts ownership of the majority of their vineyards, while also sourcing a limited quantity of grapes from trusted contract growers. The Jean-Paul Deville house style leans principally towards pinot noir, with its blend of 70% pinot noir and 30% chardonnay, resulting in a rich, biscuity champagne, charged with a fine mouse and a gorgeous mouth-filling palate weight.

Champagne, France

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