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Domaine Plageoles

Domaine Plageoles L’œil de Loin 2017 500ml

Domaine Plageoles L’œil de Loin 2017 500ml

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City Wine Shop ~ Florian's staff pick 

"I couldn't resist selecting a wine close to my home and heart. I am celebrating the underrated Gailac region's indigenous varietal Loin de l'Oeil. Brought back from near-extinction, the name translates as ‘far from the eye’, the eye being the bud and the distance alluding to the long-stemmed bunches of this vine. There's a beautiful almost... kaleidoscopic spectrum of fruit present. Apricots, white blossom - smacks of lemon pith and dried fruit, even a marmalade tone on the finish. The level of quality here could even make the wines of Sauternes or Barsac look a little sheepish given the attractive price."- Florian Salles 

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