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Brian Hirst Decanter Bowling Ball

Brian Hirst Decanter Bowling Ball

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Brian has been working in the world of glass for over 40 years, exhibiting his glass sculptures in some of the world's best art galleries. His decanters are timeless pieces that are both practical and visually appealing. 

In his studio in Sydney, Brian doesn’t blow into a mold unlike some other mass produced glassware and are all free form, individual, hand blown pieces. As a result each decanter may differ slightly. Brian makes three different shapes: Signature, Penguin and Bowling Ball; each of them with a unique form to hold them with your thumb and middle finger. 

A lovely gift for the wine lover in your life or a special treat for yourself. Captivating style and effortless function come together in these stunning pieces, primed for a memorable bottle to be shared with loved ones. 

These never last long in store and with Brian’s busy schedule we never know when we’ll get a restock so don’t hesitate to secure yours today! 

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