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Conterno Giacomo 'Sensory' Wine Stem

Conterno Giacomo 'Sensory' Wine Stem

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A long-term Zalto man, Roberto Conterno felt the need to improve even on these. In this process he was searching for a vessel that would fully help a wine express and intensify all its elements. A stem that would allure all the senses and, if brought into play via this glass, allow a wine to express all its virtues, its phases and moods, its aromatics, layers, textures and flavours in their ultimate way.

Zwiesel Kristellglass took on the challenge. Roberto and his son Gabriele (an engineer) worked together with Zwiesel to design a glass that would engage with all the senses. This unique and beautiful handblown stem required the best tools in a craftsman’s repertoire of experience to create a glass that is both a work of art and a functional wine glass.

It is clear that the Sensory Stem brings the fruit profile to a new level. The large base of the bowl, together with its unique curve in the mid-section and subtle opening of the rim, amplifies wines, creating brighter, finer aromatics and ultimately, a sense of superior balance that fully enhances Nebbiolo’s characteristics – the perfect glass, but not just for Riserva Baroli!

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