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2023 Timo Mayer Release 8 Pack

2023 Timo Mayer Release 8 Pack

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Get a taste for the Mayer style with this great value 8 pack, we've picked the best wines of his new 2023 vintage release. 

2023 Mayer Chardonnay ~ Yarra Valley, Victoria 

Chardonnay fruit from St Huberts Road, Mendoza clone, handled gently with stainless steel ferment, then transferred to old large format barrels. Still zippy and full of life like the 22's, but a touch less tension. Citrus, and jasmine florals with a little glimmer of marzipan. The palate is fresh, and salivating, with a tight mineral backbone. Full of life just like Timo. - CWS

2023 Mayer Close Planted Pinot Noir ~ Yarra Valley, Victoria

Produced with old vines, that are planted 75cm between each of them. Attractive, brightly fruited with Timo's typical bunchy frame finely integrated into a slightly sweet, soft, mid-palate. Made with 20% whole bunch, and minimal oak influence. Touches of fine chalky tannin, round out a wine that looks a lot less earthy and savoury drivin' than the 2022 vintage. Will open up and gain even more complexity in five or so years. - CWS

2023 Mayer Dr. Mayer Pinot Noir ~ Yarra Valley, Victoria

100% whole bunch this time, extremely pretty, beguiling even. Deep crimson in the glass, aromas of alpine-like herbs, white spices wrapped up in a dusty, slatey minerality. The palate opens up with cranberry-pomegranate red fruit, gliding along with fine tannin, licks of salinity, and a gentle savoury edge. - CWS

2023 Mayer Syrah ~ Yarra Valley, Victoria

100% whole bunch as always, inky blue and purple tones in the glass, initially shy, but allow some air and watch it blossom. Aromas of dark stonefruit, and crushed granite, a savory kick that puts it in line with some serious Cornas wines. We recommend decanting for drinking this young, but will most definitely age for 5-10 years. - CWS

2023 Mayer Merlot ~ Yarra Valley, Victoria

We try not to be biased but this is always our favorite cuvee that Timo produces. 2023 doesn't disappoint, showcasing Merlot in a new light; 100% whole bunch, never overpowering, seemingly allowing the blue fruit and lifted black olive tapenade notes to seem so detailed and clear. Pleasantly dusty, finishing with mouth-warming soft tannin. A must try! - CWS 

2023 Mayer Gamay ~ Yarra Valley, Victoria

The fruit comes from a De Bortoli vineyard in Dixon Creek. Earthy, woodsy spice, incense, touches of peppermint and tobacco, this is seriously intricate. A great testament to Timo's Midas touch here, as the savory complexity does overwhelm a deliciously refreshing finish. Shares a DNA thread with the likes of Daniel Bouland and Thevenét, but still expresses a new world fruit density - CWS

2023 Mayer Cabernet ~ Yarra Valley, Victoria 

For Timo's Cabernet, the fruit comes from the St Hubert vineyard, the same as the Merlot. Greenness in cabernet is a common, rather polarizing topic. With some taking adverse positions, others are more accepting. We loved the green flicks in this Cabernet, positioned expertly between cassis-like black fruit and coarse, gravely tannins. - CWS


2023 Timo Mayer Sangiovese ~ Yarra Valley, Victoria

Sangiovese fruit, sourced from Dixon's Creek. Less nervy and electric than in 2022. We could see a sweeter, luscious red berry fruit profile this year. Such a wonderful expression of an Aussie table wine, super fine tannin, super drinkable, and unpretentious - CWS


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