Pinot Gris/Grigio

This chameleon-like grape is much loved. It’s a fast learning variety that burst onto the scene as an alternative varietal. Now a firm favourite for many wine lovers. Origin wise the templates are northern France’s Alsace in a ripe, stone fruit-laden almost unctuous, textured style for Pinot Gris.
Grigio is native to northeast Italy, issuing pithy, crisp and refreshing whites from across the Veneto foothills, Alto-Adige’s alpine slopes and the rolling plains of Friuli influenced by Adriatic warmth. At home, the Mornington Peninsula is a popular pioneer. New Zealand also features well. Whilst you’ll find it planted in many regions, the name used on the label should guide your judgement and help you discover your preferred style.
2019 Domaine Marcel Deiss Alsace Complantation
2020 Terlan Pinot Grigio
2019 Logan Clementine Pinot Gris
2020 Airlie Bank Gris On Skin
2019 Foxeys Hangout Pinot Gris