There is not a wine producing country in the world without some Chardonnay planted.  There are the stellar players of course. Inspirational touchstones include the finest white Burgundy and the more northern limits that produce electric, smoky and green apple-crisp Chablis. 

Villages with the most famous vineyards include Puligny-Montrachet, Chassagne-Montrachet and Meursault.  But great wine also lives in junior appellations like Bourgogne Blanc, Mâcon, Saint Aubin and Petit-Chablis .   

Some climates produce more powerful and opulent fruited Chardonnay, further filled out with nutty, toasted notes from ageing in oak barrels.  Others favour the razor sharp and lean.  Both extremes exist,  but the best wines have evolved to balance these elements.  Regional Australian highlights are Beechworth, Yarra, Geelong, Adelaide Hills, Tasmania and Margaret River. New Zealand’s best are also worthy of your explorations.  Whatever your preferred tastes, you’ll find a producer you can follow. 

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