2020 WSET LEVEL 3 AWARD IN WINE <h4><em>Postponed</em></h4> <h4></h4>

2020 WSET LEVEL 3 AWARD IN WINE <h4><em>Postponed</em></h4> <h4></h4>

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We’re experienced Level 3 providers of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET).  Following on from Level 2, this higher level course has just undergone extensive review and improvement, by the WSET’s head office in London to focus exclusively on wine!

The course will give you a deeper understanding of the key wine styles of the world and your ability to describe and taste accurately, and account in detail for the style, quality and price of these.  Over 82 wines will be tasted throughout the course, backed up by some thorough theory to help understand why the finished wine in the glass is different due to region, grape growing techniques, winemaking, maturation time and bottling.

WSET 3 is designed to arm you with the confidence to discuss wine in an informed and decisive manner, whether with customers, colleagues or simply amongst friends.  It will assist you in buying wines, both for your personal consumption as well as in a wine-buying role.  One of the key outcomes is in developing your own ability to evaluate and describe wines accurately, giving you the confidence to both sell and buy wine, in particular more premium styles.

This rigorous qualification covers the key still (both red and white), sparkling and fortified wines found throughout the world.  Countries under the spotlight include France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  Its global perspective provides invaluable insight.


Your two tutors will be Bengt Baumgartner and Gabrielle Poy.

Gabrielle, one of our wine-buyers who is also responsible for staff training in the European Group will be one of your tutors.  Having completed her WSET Diploma in 2015, she has over 15 years of industry experience both here and abroad and is also a Wine Show Judge at both regional and national levels.

Bengt is the General Manager for the collection of Melbourne establishments including the European, Melbourne Supper Club, City Wine Shop, Siglo Bar, Spring Street Grocer, as well as the French Saloon and both Neapoli and Kirk’s Wine Bars.

He studied for the rigorous Swiss Hotel Management Diploma in Adelaide before moving to Melbourne. Recent wine highlights include successfully passing the 2015 Advanced Exam in the Court of Master Sommeliers, being named the 2011 Age Good Food Guide/Champagne Louis Roederer Sommelier of the Year award, the Frankland Estate/Cellarhand Riesling scholarship, as well as a place at the prestigious Len Evans Tutorial.


2020 Schedule
Level 3 Course 3


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Every Tuesday 6-8pm

from Tuesday 23 June – Tuesday 25 August (exam)


Two intensive Sundays;
12 July & 9 August, 9.30 – 4.30pm




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