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Pfeiffer Classic Topaque (500ml)

Pfeiffer Classic Topaque (500ml)

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Following century-old tradition, the tight-knit producers of the Rutherglen Group of Eight devote themselves to crafting unique, regional styles. Central to all this is family. At Pfeiffer, sister Jen makes the wines, with father Chris tending the vineyards.

These wines rely on the legacy of ancestors laying down old vintages to lend depth and complexity to each season’s fresh crush. The source material for Topaque is the evocative white grape muscadelle. This gives a lighter, finer wine than the dark chocolate, rum and raisin notes of muscat. In youth, it's fragrant with honey, summer flowers and earl grey tea. Time in old oak barrels and hot sheds bring it burnished hues of auburn and copper.

To taste? This is light-footed but intense, with flavours of apricot, orange rind, fudge and caramel.

Sip it as liquid pudding, or pair with vanilla ice cream, apple tart or strong blue cheese.

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