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2019 Claus Preisinger Zweigelt

2019 Claus Preisinger Zweigelt

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What first started as a hobby has now become a thriving business and passion. Along the eastern border, in the heart of Burgenland and by Lake Neusiedlersee, we can find the village of Gols where Claus Preisinger tends to his vines with strict biodynamic principles. Claus is one of the founding members of winemaking group ‘Pennobile’. Pennobile started as a way to unite producers from the Burgenland region who preserve the traditional varieties, care for the land and local terroir, while also moving forward and modernising where necessary. Their saying is “always new, always front and always different”. At first glance, this wine is earthy with hints of juicy dark fruit. But with a little bit of time in the glass, this wine evolves and opens up nicely, offering a more generous dark fruit profile like blackberry and mulberry, subtle spice with fine tannin and silky texture.  

Burgenland, Austria 

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