2019 Antonio Camillo Tutti i Giorni Rosso Toscana Rosso

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Tutti i giorni means everyday.  But is this wine for a peasant?  
‘Un litro’ bottles traditionally have connotations of bulk wine for chugging down in flagons.  Typically it was light enough to hydrate, and placate, the workers in the fields, but not so strong they wouldn’t finish a day’s work.

This is nothing of that insipid sort.  It strikes a very agreeable sleek, sappy, and savoury balance of bright red cherry and pomegranate. Faint whispers of licorice and herbal fennel fronds add to the interest.  And a tannin structure that showcases the quality of both vine and wine.

A litre just means there’s a little more deliciousness to go round in everyone’s glasses.