Copper Dog Whisky

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In past times, canny distillery workers in need of a ‘roadie’ dram would help themselves to a few fingers, by fashioning a takeaway vial from a penny, some copper tube, and a cork. This so called ‘copper dog’, like a Saint Bernard’s rescue barrel, offered a perfect little post-work restorative. The name is also that of the pub at the famed Craigellachie Hotel in the heart of Speyside.

Here, the finesse, sophistication and generosity of the region’s whiskies are celebrated as among the best of all single malts. Laden with florals, fruity notes and warming spice finish, the hotel owners teamed up with whisky mavens Diageo, to create Copper Dog, a super-Speyside blend.

Composed of eight single malts, its rich fruity profile of pear, raisin and sweet citrus notes beg for it to be showcased by blending into cocktails or long drinks. No matter how you like to take the amber nectar, Copper Dog will open up a new world of whisky to you.